Welcome to my corner of the Matrix. I am a writer/cartoonist going to school to become an animator. I post fan art, fan fiction, random fandom stuffs, etc. There will be nothing but Hobbit and Kiliel feels for quite some time.

I’ll try to make this brief. You don’t have to read this if you’re cool with just looking at the confusing as shit pretty pictures :)

1. “The Federal Bureau of Irrigation” was made for a contest that I didn’t win. Apparently my sense of humor is too weird to be displayed at the white house for a year :p Their loss

2. “Trent the Eagle” was somewhat of a collaborative work, all the good ideas in this coming from my friends. It is completely open to interpretation, so have fun speculating :D There’s also a hidden “wtf” somewhere in there. You get cookies if you can find it.

3. Oddly enough, my idea for “Ghosts of America” was not initially inspired by the government messing shit up. I was angry with some immature boys being inconsiderately loud and obnoxious in art class, so I decided to vent on my discontent with the government. The red eagle represents illusion, covering up the light and blindly (it doesn’t have pupils) going forth using terror and the darkness of the unknown to control people. The green eagle is kind of obviously greed, clawing at money and…green. The blue one is simply wrath and everything that goes with it.